IP whitelist (FREE SELF)

NOTE: We intend to rename IP whitelist as IP allowlist.

GitLab provides some monitoring endpoints that provide health check information when probed.

To control access to those endpoints via IP whitelisting, you can add single hosts or use IP ranges:

For Omnibus installations

  1. Open /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and add or uncomment the following:

    gitlab_rails['monitoring_whitelist'] = ['', '']
  2. Save the file and reconfigure GitLab for the changes to take effect.

For installations using cloud native Helm charts

You can set the required IPs under the gitlab.webservice.monitoring.ipWhitelist key. For example:

         # Monitoring IP whitelist
         - # Default

For installations from source

  1. Edit config/gitlab.yml:

      # by default only local IPs are allowed to access monitoring resources
  2. Save the file and restart GitLab for the changes to take effect.