Threat Monitoring (ULTIMATE)

WARNING: Threat Monitoring is in its end-of-life process. It's deprecated in GitLab 14.8, and planned for removal in GitLab 15.0.

The Threat Monitoring page provides alerts and metrics for the GitLab application runtime security features. You can access these by navigating to your project's Security & Compliance > Threat Monitoring page.

GitLab supports statistics for the following security features:

Container Network Policy Alert list

Introduced in GitLab 13.9.

The policy alert list displays your policy's alert activity. You can sort the list by these columns:

  • Date and time
  • Events
  • Status

You can filter the list with the Policy Name filter and the Status filter at the top. Use the selector menu in the Status column to set the status for each alert:

  • Unreviewed
  • In review
  • Resolved
  • Dismissed

By default, the list doesn't display resolved or dismissed alerts.

Policy Alert List

Clicking an alert's row opens the alert drawer, which shows more information about the alert. A user can also create an incident from the alert and update the alert status in the alert drawer.

Clicking an alert's name takes the user to the alert details page.