There are several courses related to automation and robotics taught by faculty of the STAR Center, among them:

  • Introduction to Information Science and Technology: more than 1/4th of the freshmen course is about automation and robotics.¬†Students learn to build simple sensors in the EE part and program TurtleBot robots using this sensor and their laptop in Python. In the lectures they learn about control, robotics, AI and algorithms for robotics. See the video in the galleries.
  • Robotics Graduate Course: Introduction to key concepts of robotics with an emphasis on the Computer Science aspects. Also has a big project - check out the 2016 projects here.¬†
  • UAV Application Development Course
  • Nonlinear Systems (Control)
  • Linear and Nonlinear Programming (Optimization)
  • Robotics related internships during the summer break
  • Monthly STAR Colloquium with graduate students

From 2017 on the hands-on robotics courses will be tought in the Robotics Lab.