SaaS runners on macOS (beta) (PREMIUM SAAS)

SaaS runners on macOS are in Beta and shouldn't be relied upon for mission-critical production jobs.

SaaS runners on macOS provide an on-demand macOS build environment integrated with GitLab SaaS CI/CD. Use these runners to build, test, and deploy apps for the Apple ecosystem (macOS, iOS, tvOS). You can take advantage of all the capabilities of the GitLab single DevOps platform and not have to manage or operate a build environment.


To start using SaaS runners on macOS, you must submit an access request issue. After your access has been granted and your build environment configured, you must configure your .gitlab-ci.yml pipeline file:

  1. Add a .gitlab-ci.yml file to your project repository.
  2. Specify the image you want to use.
  3. Commit a change to your repository.

The runners automatically run your build.

Example .gitlab-ci.yml file

The following sample .gitlab-ci.yml file shows how to start using the SaaS runners on macOS:

    - shared-macos-amd64
  image: macos-11-xcode-12

  - build
  - test

 - echo "started by ${GITLAB_USER_NAME}"

    - .macos_saas_runners
  stage: build
    - echo "running scripts in the build job"

    - .macos_saas_runners
  stage: test
    - echo "running scripts in the test job"

NOTE: During the Beta period, the architecture of this solution will change. Rather than the jobs running on a specific VM instance, they will run on an ephemeral VM instance that is created by an autoscaling instance, known as the Runner Manager. We will notify all Beta participants of any downtime required to do this work.