Deploy and release your application (FREE)

Deploy your application internally or to the public. Use flags to release features incrementally.


Deployment is the step of the software delivery process when your application gets deployed to its final, target infrastructure.

Deploy with Auto DevOps

Auto DevOps is an automated CI/CD-based workflow that supports the entire software supply chain: build, test, lint, package, deploy, secure, and monitor applications using GitLab CI/CD. It provides a set of ready-to-use templates that serve the vast majority of use cases.

Auto Deploy is the DevOps stage dedicated to software deployment using GitLab CI/CD.

Deploy applications to Kubernetes clusters

With the extensive integration between GitLab and Kubernetes, you can safely deploy your applications to Kubernetes clusters using the GitLab agent.

GitOps deployments (PREMIUM)

With the GitLab agent for Kubernetes, you can perform pull-based deployments of Kubernetes manifests. This provides a scalable, secure, and cloud-native approach to manage Kubernetes deployments.

Deploy to Kubernetes from GitLab CI/CD

With the GitLab agent for Kubernetes, you can perform push-based deployments from GitLab CI/CD. The agent provides a secure and reliable connection between GitLab and your Kubernetes cluster.

Deploy to AWS with GitLab CI/CD

GitLab provides Docker images that you can use to run AWS commands from GitLab CI/CD, and a template to facilitate deployment to AWS. Moreover, Auto Deploy has built-in support for EC2 and ECS deployments.

General software deployment with GitLab CI/CD

You can use GitLab CI/CD to target any type of infrastructure accessible by the GitLab Runner. User and pre-defined environment variables and CI/CD templates support setting up a vast number of deployment strategies.


To keep track of your deployments and gain insights into your infrastructure, we recommend connecting them to a GitLab Environment.


Use GitLab Releases to plan, build, and deliver your applications.

Feature flags

Use feature flags to control and strategically rollout application deployments.

Deploy to Google Cloud

GitLab Cloud Seed is an open-source Incubation Engineering program that enables you to set up deployment credentials and deploy your application to Google Cloud Run with minimal friction.