Sidekiq job size limits (FREE SELF)

Introduced in GitLab 14.3.

Sidekiq jobs get stored in Redis. To avoid excessive memory for Redis, we:

  • Compress job arguments before storing them in Redis.
  • Reject jobs that exceed the specified threshold limit after compression.

To access Sidekiq job size limits:

  1. On the top bar, select Menu > {admin} Admin.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Settings > Preferences.
  3. Expand Sidekiq job size limits.
  4. Adjust the compression threshold or size limit. The compression can be disabled by selecting the Track mode.

Available settings

Setting Default Description
Limiting mode Compress This mode compresses the jobs at the specified threshold and rejects them if they exceed the specified limit after compression.
Sidekiq job compression threshold (bytes) 100 000 (100 KB) When the size of arguments exceeds this threshold, they are compressed before being stored in Redis.
Sidekiq job size limit (bytes) 0 The jobs exceeding this size after compression are rejected. This avoids excessive memory usage in Redis leading to instability. Setting it to 0 prevents rejecting jobs.

After changing these values, restart Sidekiq.