Project importing from to your private GitLab instance (FREE)

You can import your existing projects to your GitLab instance, but keep in mind that it is possible only if integration is enabled on your GitLab instance. Read more about integration for self-managed GitLab instances.

To get to the importer page you need to go to "New project" page.

NOTE: If you are interested in importing Wiki and merge request data to your new instance, you'll need to follow the instructions for exporting a project

New project page

Go to the Import Projects tab, then click on, and you are redirected to for permission to access your projects. After accepting, you are automatically redirected to the importer.

Importer page

To import a project, click "Import". The importer imports your repository and issues. Once the importer is done, a new GitLab project is created with your imported data.

Automate group and project import (PREMIUM)

For information on automating user, group, and project import API calls, see Automate group and project import.