Prometheus Metrics library (DEPRECATED) (FREE)

Deprecated in GitLab 14.7.

WARNING: This feature is in its end-of-life process. It is deprecated in GitLab 14.7, and is planned for removal in GitLab 16.0.

GitLab offers automatic detection of select Prometheus exporters.


Currently supported exporters are:

We have tried to surface the most important metrics for each exporter, and continue to add support for additional exporters in future releases. If you would like to add support for other official exporters, contributions are welcome.

Identifying Environments

GitLab retrieves performance data from the configured Prometheus server, and attempts to identifying the presence of known metrics. Once identified, GitLab then needs to be able to map the data to a particular environment.

In order to isolate and only display relevant metrics for a given environment, GitLab needs a method to detect which labels are associated. To do that, GitLab uses the defined queries and fills in the environment specific variables. Typically this involves looking for the $CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG, but may also include other information such as the project's Kubernetes namespace. Each search query is defined in the exporter specific documentation.