GitLab keyboard shortcuts (FREE)

GitLab has several keyboard shortcuts you can use to access its different features.

To display a window in GitLab that lists its keyboard shortcuts, use one of the following methods:

  • Press ?.
  • In the Help menu in the top right of the application, select Keyboard shortcuts.

In GitLab 12.8 and later, you can disable keyboard shortcuts by using the Keyboard shortcuts toggle at the top of the keyboard shortcut window.

Although global shortcuts work from any area of GitLab, you must be in specific pages for the other shortcuts to be available, as explained in each section.

Global shortcuts

These shortcuts are available in most areas of GitLab:

Keyboard shortcut Description
? Show or hide the shortcut reference sheet.
Shift + p Go to your Projects page.
Shift + g Go to your Groups page.
Shift + a Go to your Activity page.
Shift + l Go to your Milestones page.
Shift + s Go to your Snippets page.
s / / Put cursor in the search bar.
Shift + i Go to your Issues page.
Shift + m Go to your Merge requests page.
Shift + t Go to your To-Do List page.
p + b Show or hide the Performance Bar.
g + x Toggle between GitLab and GitLab Next (GitLab SaaS only).
. Open the Web IDE.

Additionally, the following shortcuts are available when editing text in text fields (for example, comments, replies, issue descriptions, and merge request descriptions):

Keyboard shortcut Description
Edit your last comment. You must be in a blank text field below a thread, and you must already have at least one comment in the thread.
(Mac) / Control + Shift + p Toggle Markdown preview when editing text in a text field that has Write and Preview tabs at the top.
(Mac) / Control + b Bold the selected text (surround it with **).
(Mac) / Control + i Italicize the selected text (surround it with _).
(Mac) / Control + k Add a link (surround the selected text with []()).

The shortcuts for editing in text fields are always enabled, even if other keyboard shortcuts are disabled.


These shortcuts are available from any page in a project. You must type them relatively quickly to work, and they take you to another page in the project.

Keyboard shortcut Description
g + p Go to the project home page (Project > Details).
g + v Go to the project activity feed (Project > Activity).
g + r Go to the project releases list (Project > Releases).
g + f Go to the project files list (Repository > Files).
t Go to the project file search page. (Repository > Files, select Find Files).
g + c Go to the project commits list (Repository > Commits).
g + n Go to the repository graph page (Repository > Graph).
g + d Go to repository charts (Analytics > Repository Analytics).
g + i Go to the project issues list (Issues > List).
i Go to the New Issue page (Issues, select New Issue ).
g + b Go to the project issue boards list (Issues > Boards).
g + m Go to the project merge requests list (Merge Requests).
g + j Go to the CI/CD jobs list (CI/CD > Jobs).
g + l Go to the project metrics (Monitor > Metrics).
g + e Go to the project environments (Deployments > Environments).
g + k Go to the project Kubernetes cluster integration page (Infrastructure > Kubernetes clusters). Note that you must have at least maintainer permissions to access this page.
g + s Go to the project snippets list (Snippets).
g + w Go to the project wiki (Wiki), if enabled.

Issues and merge requests

These shortcuts are available when viewing issues and merge requests:

Keyboard shortcut Description
e Edit description.
a Change assignee.
m Change milestone.
l Change label.
r Start writing a comment. Pre-selected text is quoted in the comment. Can't be used to reply in a thread.
n Move to next unresolved discussion (merge requests only).
p Move to previous unresolved discussion (merge requests only).
] or j Move to next file (merge requests only).
[ or k Move to previous file (merge requests only).
b Copy source branch name (merge requests only).
. Open the Web IDE.

Project files

These shortcuts are available when browsing the files in a project (go to Repository > Files):

Keyboard shortcut Description
Move selection up.
Move selection down.
enter Open selection.
Escape Go back to file list screen (only while searching for files, Repository > Files, then select Find File).
y Go to file permalink (only while viewing a file).
. Open the Web IDE.


These shortcuts are available when editing a file with the Web IDE:

Keyboard shortcut Description
(Mac) / Control + p Search for, and then open another file for editing.
(Mac) / Control + Enter Commit (when editing the commit message).

Repository graph

These shortcuts are available when viewing the project repository graph page (navigate to Repository > Graph):

Keyboard shortcut Description
or h Scroll left.
or l Scroll right.
or k Scroll up.
or j Scroll down.
Shift + or Shift + k Scroll to top.
Shift + or Shift + j Scroll to bottom.

Wiki pages

This shortcut is available when viewing a wiki page:

Keyboard shortcut Description
e Edit wiki page.

Filtered search

These shortcuts are available when using a filtered search input:

Keyboard shortcut Description
(Mac) + Clear entire search filter.
(Mac) / Control + Clear one token at a time.


These shortcuts are available when viewing epics:

Keyboard shortcut Description
r Start writing a comment. Pre-selected text is quoted in the comment. Can't be used to reply in a thread.
e Edit description.
l Change label.